Profiles in Ministry: Sr. Mary Christin Alfieri, Principal of St. Helen School, Newbury, Ohio

Profiles in Ministry: Sr. Mary Christin Alfieri, Principal of St. Helen School, Newbury, Ohio

I treasure the fifteen years God has given me to serve as teacher and principal at St. Helen School and Church. It is a family of faith and a support beyond measure for the spiritual journey.

I never imagined how far reaching this ministry would be, from serving with a wonderful faculty and staff and sharing in their lives, to bringing Christ into the families of our 250 students–preschool through grade eight. As principal, I try to live the mission of our school and be an example to everyone, giving support as we strive for excellence academically and create a faith-filled environment where each can thrive. I feel a strong responsibility for the image of our school and work diligently to write, picture and portray it to our Geauga community. I have a deep passion for Catholic education and I deeply believe that I am called to educate our faculty, staff, students and parents, so that they will continue to be witnesses to our faith and our Church for as long as they live.

As for myself, beside my passion for Catholic education and all that it entails, I am energized by life-giving moments such as smiles from the bright, beautiful eyes of a child, the unconditional love I’ve known from animals, especially cats, soul-filled music that lightens my heart and surprises that pop up from day to day.

Once as I led a group of small children up the stairs to our former church, they were enthusiastically banging their feet on each step. I stopped to remind them that their footsteps should be so soft that not even Jesus would hear us coming. They listened attentively and continued quietly up the stairs. When I opened the church doors to approach the sanctuary, the children called out “Surprise,” letting Jesus know they had arrived!


Editor’s Note:  Sr. Mary Christin died on the morning of June 7, 2013.  May her joy be complete and may she rest in peace.