Profiles in Ministry: Sr. Sherly Kodiyan

Profiles in Ministry: Sr. Sherly Kodiyan

Sr. Sherly Kodiyan is a Registered Nurse at the University Hospital Geauga Medical Center in Chardon, Ohio

Although the ministry of nursing was chosen for me early in my religious life, I have come to love it as a way of serving the sick. God knew what was best for me! In India, I had the greatest joy when I worked among the poor. For about four years I worked in a village where we had a twenty–bed dispensary for HIV/AIDS patients, persons with leprosy, victims of accidents, etc. Sometimes persons would come to the dispensary at midnight, but I did not mind. I visited families in the village, helping to counsel them especially regarding health issues. Now I do not minister in such a setting but, wherever I do my nursing ministry, I love it.

At present I am working as an RN at UH Geauga Medical Center in the medical and surgical departments. I take care of all facets of patient care:  admission, discharge, medication, monitoring IVs, and more.  Above all, I minister as a consecrated woman religious. I listen to my patients, offer them our prayer-line cards, pray for them, especially if they are suffering from cancer, and support them when they are dying. I also talk with families and other visitors. I enjoy being a nurse even though there are many stresses. In the future I would hope to be a nurse practitioner and perhaps work in oncology.

One of my greatest joys is to prepare children for their First Holy Communion and I still find time to do this now. I also enjoy movies, sewing, and talking to friends both here and in India.

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