Great Transformations Happening at NDCL

Great Transformations Happening at NDCL

This summer, Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School (NDCL)—a school dedicated to providing the best Catholic education for its students—is moving ahead on several major projects.

Through the Lion Stadium Initiative and commitments to the Capstone Projects (for the Performing Arts Center and new gym), the school and community have raised $1,060,000. This surpasses the original goal of $725,000.

The new athletic field will be completed the week of July 20 and the new track will be ready a few weeks later. Construction of the new gym begins the week of July 16. On July 9, NDCL and ThenDesign Architecture approved the design and placed the new performing arts center project out for bid.

In other news, NDCL just launched its mobile website, now available at and a mobile app will be ready soon.

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