Profile in Ministry: Sister Mary Susan Ann Javorek, Pastoral Associate, Church of the Holy Angels, Bainbridge, OH

Profile in Ministry: Sister Mary Susan Ann Javorek, Pastoral Associate, Church of the Holy Angels, Bainbridge, OH

“God comes to me disguised as my life.” I like this quote as a description of my ministry as a Pastoral Associate. On any given day I may know what I would LIKE to accomplish; but often enough It is not what GETS accomplished by the day’s end. God seems to have a daily planner too… and I have come to believe in a God of Surprises!

I came to Church of the Holy Angels in Bainbridge Township, Ohio, the summer of 1997. At that time the parish consisted of 800 households and operated out of a small building with only five rooms, one of which was a multi-purpose space that could seat 250 people for Mass.

My initial responsibilities included liturgy, adult faith formation, pastoral care, and what was most exciting – serving on the planning committee for “Building Church”! The community was growing and the need for a larger facility was becoming ever more apparent. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience – to participate in designing a parish complex for a vibrant and growing community, and to help prepare the community physically and spiritually for the move.

In approximately two years Holy Angels dedicated its new Church – five times larger than the existing one. Since then, the parish has added an average of one hundred households each year to its roster. That has resulted in expanding programs, adding new ministries, increasing staff and inviting parishioners to greater stewardship.

During these fifteen years my responsibilities have remained chiefly in the areas of Adult Faith Formation, Pastoral Care, Liturgical Ministries, Outreach to Those in Need, and General Administration.

One of my greatest joys is working with parishioners in various ministries and in planning different programs. I love to see the Spirit call forth the gifts of parishioners and lead them to serve their parish and the Church beyond our boundaries. I enjoy watching Holy Angels become a significant part of parishioners’ lives and a blessing to others beyond the parish. One of my goals is to encourage greater participation in parish life and invite parishioners to use their gifts in all kinds of ways.

I consider myself blessed to serve the community of Holy Angels. Like any other place, it has had its mountain top moments and its difficult times, but the providence and faithfulness of a Good God has marked every passing year!