Profiles in Ministry – Sister Mary Jean Hoelke

Profiles in Ministry – Sister Mary Jean Hoelke

Reflecting on my education-related ministries of the past fifty-eight years, I viewed my ministry experiences using a kaleidoscope image.  Unexpectedly, the ongoing theme of collaboration and team work surfaced clearly as being life-giving for me.

After teaching junior high students, I loved the challenges that the ministry of elementary administration presented.  After thirty years of working with teachers, students and parents, I used that experience as director of elementary ministries for our province.  This was a ministry of encouragement and support.

In the shaping and implementation of our province Sponsorship model, I have witnessed how the expertise, resources and generosity that lay persons bring to our Boards is vital to fulfill our mission. Presently, I serve on the Julie Billiart Network Board that is involved with the August opening of a new school, Julie Billiart School of St. Sebastian, Akron.  I’m also a member of Metro Catholic School’s Advisory Board.  Working in collaboration with these dedicated women and men both amazes and motivates me.  I also see God’s goodness and provident care alive in our Associates, eager to share our charism.  This gives me hope!

Serving on our Province Ministry Team with three other Sisters is a graced experience.  I am privileged to accompany sisters as they respond to the Spirit in their discernment to leave a ministry or move to part-time ministry.  Openness to God’s plans for taking that “next step” is sometimes a challenge in faith.

My journey continues to provide many opportunities for creative fidelity to our charism.  For this, I am grateful.