CCC Summer Fellows Includes Upcoming Public Policy Advocate

CCC Summer Fellows Includes Upcoming Public Policy Advocate

Eric Moorer, recent graduate of Notre Dame College and 2017 CCC Summer Fellow, is working for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP), one of the oldest charitable organizations in the world, as the internship component of the program. He will work with his sister companion, Cheryl Keehner, CSA, on developing his spirituality. At SVDP, Eric works under the supervision of Anelize Nader and John Litten, SVDP Executive Director. Anelize specializes in non-profit management. She has worked for SVDP since it began hiring full time employees in 2015. John Litten, a city council member for Lakewood, Ohio, is the first full time director. When Eric was asked about his responsibilities with SVDP, he commented; “What I do for them ranges from developing and implementing plans for the solicitation of local-area businesses and fundraising efforts, maintaining the social media efforts, and responding to referral requests.

One of Eric’s favorite experiences thus far was meeting and bonding with his sister companion, Sister Cheryl Keehner, CSA.

Sister Cheryl has a background in education and she taught at several Catholic schools in the area. She currently serves on the Religious Communities Ad-Hoc Committee of the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland and she is on the board of the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking. Additionally, she serves on the Social Responsibility Investment Committee of the Sisters of Charity Health System.

Eric, having no previous experience with the Catholic Church before coming to Notre Dame College, commented: “my initial perception of a sister would be someone who is very conservative, quiet, and spiritual. Through this program, that’s definitely changed. Learning more about the history of sisters as well, as how they bring about social change, which can require begging in some instances… and even protesting, are things I never thought of sisters doing. That obviously requires being social change agents and having more liberal ideas.” He further remarked; “When I first met her I was definitely nervous because I know how much time we’ll be spending with our sisters and my initial thought that I was going to be spending time with a very quiet, conservative, very spiritual, Catholic woman. I’m spiritual myself, but I’m not rooted in Catholicism and I don’t know that much about it. When we had that lunch, it flipped what I thought on its head and I couldn’t wait to spend more time with her outside of the Fridays.”

When asked about how he foresees this experience impacting his professional career, he remarked; “Ultimately, I want to use my experience here to learn how to shape policy to create systemic change concerning poverty.”

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