Profiles in Ministry – Sister Mary Rose Falorio

Profiles in Ministry – Sister Mary Rose Falorio

Academic Coach, Academic Success Center, Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School

Often when I meet new people, they ask about my ministry. When I reply “I teach teenagers!”, more often than not they start to back away from me as though I carried some virulent microbe or might be crazy and possibly dangerous!

Teenagers! I have always loved teaching them. In March 2015, Mr. Waler, principal of NDCL, offered me a new position: academic coach working in the state-of-the-art SND Learning Commons. So, for the past two years, I have ministered to the young people of NDCL as an academic coach in English, primarily (but not only) helping them write, refine, revise and polish their essays. I love the idealism, energy and enthusiasm of teens. My greatest joy in years of secondary education is watching these young people begin as nervous, unsure freshmen, struggle through the labyrinth of adolescence, and mature into independent young men and women.

I was once asked by a student, “Sister, what do you really think of us?” I knew he was expecting me to decry teens for all of their misdeeds. I told him that I thought they were such good people, dealing with so much at such a young age in a world very different from the one I knew at their age. Although he was surprised by my response, teenagers indeed have always spoken to me of God’s goodness!

Sister Karla once famously said that high school teachers labored in the “thankless desert of adolescence.” By God’s grace, that’s where this Rose was planted, and where she has flourished!