A Lasting Tribute: Sister Mary Jonathan Zeleznik, 1928 – 2017

A Lasting Tribute: Sister Mary Jonathan Zeleznik, 1928 – 2017

Our dear Sister Mary Jonathan went home to God, very peacefully, Monday morning, October 9. Sister was truly a gift to our province and to our international congregation. She was known and respected for her leadership abilities, gracious manner, keen insights and deep spirituality. May Sister be welcomed into eternal life by our good and loving God.

The wake for Sister Mary Jonathan will be on Tuesday, October 17, from 2–4 and 7–9, with the prayer service at 7:00, and on Wednesday from 2–4:45. The Mass of Christian Burial will be on Wednesday, October 18, at 5:00 p.m. The private burial will be on Thursday.

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  1. Christine Waldorf Peters - October 11, 2017

    Sister Mary Jonathan was my teacher at Christ Our King in Warren, Ohio for 5 years…from 1958 to 1963. She had a very significant impact on my life. I have so many good memories of those days, too many to relate here, but here are a couple of the fun memories.
    When the boys in our class were training to be altar boys, Sister initiated a concurrent “contest” for the girls.The girl who could learn all the Mass prayers in Latin would “win” the honor of attending Mass in the convent chapel. My classmate, Sally Bradley, & I were the winners. What a special privliege to attend Mass with the Sisters in the convent!! Of course, we all wanted to be nuns & Sister also allowed us girls to dress in homemade long skirts topped with our Dad’s longsleeved shirts. We felt so special walking the school halls with our rosaries hanging from our waists & jangling at our side. Our class was very close & in 2013 we all reunited for our 50th reunion of our 8th grade graduation. Even though most of us had drifted apart after leaving Christ Our King, when we got together for this 50th reunion, it was as if it was yesterday. During that reunion weekend, we all traveled from Warren to Chardon and visited Sister. Even though she didn’t quite remember us, when we all began singing the songs she had taught us those many years ago, she clapped her hands & attempted to sing along with us. We gifted her with group pictures of our 4th grade class, 8th grade class & our 50th reunion all together in one frame. I am so glad we got to see her one more time after so many years. May she now rest in peace and enjoy her own reunions with all her loved ones…especially her own sister, Sister Mary Regina. God bless you, Sister Mary Jonathan…thank you…we love you.

  2. Margaret Sliver - October 11, 2017

    Sister was truly an inspiration to all the children she taught. I was fortunate to have had Sister Mary Jonathan for 5 years, grades 4-8 at Christ Our King School in Warren, Ohio. She inspired us and left beautiful footprints that have been etched into our hearts and minds forever. May she be at peace with our Lord.

  3. Fr Joseph Callahan - October 15, 2017

    Sister was at St Mary in Elyria for many years (1960’s-70’s) , including my time as a student. I remember my father saying: “When you meet Sr Jonathan, you feel like you are in the presence of greatness”. He was “spot on”. When she found out I was going to serve in El Salvador, she wrote me a note
    saying: “Joe, you will never think the same about people who speak English as a second language after your experience in Latin America.” What a wise statement … She knew how to empower, encourage, coach and lead in a simple, humble, expedient, and effective manner. I thank God for gracing me with the opportunity to learn and benefit from this Sister’s leadership and charity. She has influenced countless people in her years of service in schools and administration in her congregation. God bless you, Sister Mary Jonathan. As you encouraged your students to be the best, YOU were the best!! Thank you for your admirable commitment and service to the church and your outstanding example as a religious woman.

    Fr Joseph Callahan. Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Cleveland.

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