Sister Eileen Marie Quinlan Receives Award of Appreciation

Sister Eileen Marie Quinlan Receives Award of Appreciation

Sr. Eileen Marie Quinlan received the Award of Appreciation as part of Notre Dame College 2018 Spring Celebration.  Sr. Eileen was recognized for her dedication and years of service as an educator at Notre Dame College.

Sr. Eileen received her B.A. in English from Notre Dame College in 1974.  She then went on to receive her M.A. from Bowling Green State University and her Ph. D. from Loyola University in Chicago.  Sr. Eileen joined Notre Dame’s faculty in the fall of 1999.

In addition to teaching a variety of writing courses, Sr. Eileen can be found on campus volunteering at a Notre Dame’s InnerCitySaints Award banquet, Founders Week and Homecoming Weekend.  In 2017, she accompanied students, alumni, employees and friends of NDC on an educational travel trip to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, authoring a daily online blog of the journey.

Sr. Eileen is also an accomplished author.  Her newly published novel, “The Whole World for Arizona Dakota: A Story of the Pennsylvania Oil Boom” tells the story of Quinlan’s great-great aunt, Arizona Dakota Long who lived in Titusville, PA during the 1870’s.  It chronicles the young woman’s desire to attend school at a time when she was expected to take care of family, especially while her mother was ill.

Quinlan served as editor of the recently released “Intersections at Mayfield and Green,” which was penned by NDC students during different writing classes over the last several years.

Photo features Ann Coakley, Executive Director of College Advancement, Sr. Eileen Quinlan and Thomas G. Kruczek, President, Notre Dame College