Profiles in Ministry – Sister Mary Karita Ivancic

Profiles in Ministry – Sister Mary Karita Ivancic

I’ve always been an avid student and am very much focused on lifelong learning. In my elementary school years at St. William’s School (now Sts. Robert and William), I had stimulating teachers who implanted this mindset, and I think it was back in Grade 6 that my desire to teach college was born.

I currently teach theology at Notre Dame College. I also coordinate the Eastern Churches Seminar (one of three such groups in the US) and, with Sr. M. Kathleen Glavich, just completed a theology text on world religions’ responses to ultimate questions (soon to be published by the Professors Choice Division of St. Mary’s Press). For many years I also taught music appreciation courses and directed the college choir.

The NDC community of my students and very generous, committed colleagues! Within our diverse NDC population are many first-generation college students eager to discover their real potential, acquire the necessary skills to advance in a career, and also make their family proud of them. In theology,  I love helping students to wrestle with life’s “big questions” and (re-)discover God as well as their best selves in the process.

As a member of the NDC faculty, I help carry forward an almost 100-year-old tradition of educating students in the liberal arts to develop their sense of personal, professional, and global responsibility. Theology is a core component of our liberal arts curriculum that empowers students to discover the Sacred in their life circumstances, clarify their beliefs and values, develop their truest selves, and ultimately live a life that matters. Facilitating this emergent-adult faith-formation is one way to proclaim God’s goodness and help students realize God’s unconditional love and provident care.

Photos courtesy of Notre Dame College