Local Author Discusses Book “The Maple Leaf Route”

Local Author Discusses Book “The Maple Leaf Route”

Local author, Dan Rager, visited the SND Healthcare on Monday, January 14, 2019, to share how the Cleveland & Eastern, or Maple Leaf Route changed the area’s way of life.

In his book, “The Maple Leaf Route,” Rager chronicles stories, rare photos, maps and original documents from railroads operating the Geauga County Maple Leaf Route.

With his book, Rager seeks to bring awareness to the importance of the Maple Leaf Route to Geauga County.  Part of the presentation included a video of vehicles attempting to navigate rough, bumpy, and in some cases, cavernous dirt roads required to travel between Cleveland and Geauga County.  

Rager shared details of the Cleveland & Eastern and the Chagrin Falls interurban railways built to connect parts of Northeast Ohio.  Historical photos included that of the white building that was once a train ticket booth which currently, is the main entrance to the Geauga fairgrounds.

Rager, is a professor at Cleveland State University and has more than 250 published works.