Sister Mary Dion Horrigan, SND, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Sister Mary Dion Horrigan, SND, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

In recognition of her pioneering efforts and significant contributions to helping incarcerated women recover from addiction, Sr. Mary Dion Horrigan, SND, received the Lifetime Achievement Award during the 5th Evolution of Addiction Treatment Conference. The award ceremony took place Saturday, January 26, in Los Angeles, California. This annual award is given to an individual or treatment center in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the field of addiction treatment.

Sr. Dion has counseled women who were imprisoned since 2010. She has taken her compassion and deep wisdom of recovery into the Cuyahoga County Jail in Cleveland, Ohio, the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, Ohio, and the Dayton Correctional Institution in Dayton, Ohio. Sr. Dion designed a closed group program called, “The First Step” to help women realize the power of a 12-step program.

Through the Community Assessment Treatment Services, (CATS) a drug rehabilitation facility in Cleveland, Ohio, Sr. Dion offers a group for women that focuses on healing their trauma. In addition, she visits and prays with these women one-on-one.

Conference Chairperson, Allen Berger, Ph. D commented that a true healer is someone who is both humbled by their work and also transformed from it. During the presentation, Sr. Dion reflected, “I feel privileged and humbled to walk with these courageous women. They have profoundly transformed my life.”

Recipients are honored for their ongoing efforts to facilitate ethical and effective approaches to addiction treatment. Past recipients include Mrs. Betty Ford and The Betty Ford Center, Len Baltzer, The Mooney Family and Willingway Hospital and Jerry McDonald.