Blessing House

Blessing House

Blessing House: a place where love grows, faith sustains and hope is found. The heart of Blessing House is to help children of families in crisis. 

We are all children of God and deserving of God’s love. 

When a family experiences a crisis it impacts everyone involved, especially the children. While the kids may not understand what is going in their world and in their home, they feel it and are impacted. 

Blessing House is grounded and rooted in the love of God. As a faith-based, non-denominational organization, the mission of Blessing House is to help families who are in crisis by providing shelter for children and support for their families. 

Blessing House believes that those who need help should receive compassionate care, understanding and the guidance they need to address the issues they face. 

Our mission is our ministry, a call to care for those God sends to us for help. 

We understand that everyone makes mistakes. We understand that everyone has had different life experiences, guidance and support that may have led to unfortunate family circumstances. 

We offer non-judgmental support to those God sends to us for help, striving to communicate and demonstrate acceptance and forgiveness that leads to resiliency and personal growth.

We need your help. Would you consider clicking on the image below to learn more about Blessing House and how you can help us help children? You can also go to for more information.

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Please share with your friends and family. 

Together we can help these children experience the love of God and the power of love, faith and hope in their lives.