Project Red Cord

Project Red Cord

Please consider volunteering alongside Sister Cecilia Liberatore, SND, and Renee Jones, of the Renee Jones Empowerment Center, for Project Red Cord the last Friday of each month.

The Renee Jones Empowerment Center (RJEC) is the only Northeast Ohio 501(c)(3) agency committed to providing life coaching and aftercare services to those with the courage to break the human trafficking cycle. RJEC shines a light on the dark side of humankind and offers a hope-filled approach to getting lives back on a positive track. 

Project Red Cord addresses the long-term effects of human trafficking through supportive life coaching and by managing individualized care services such as: assistance with educational resources, food, safe housing, job training, legal assistance, and medical and psychological care. 

The RJEC also offers inter-generational support groups; art therapy; journaling; court advocacy; and incarceration and re-entry support.

To volunteer with Project Red Cord or to learn more about other volunteer opportunities at RJEC, go to

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