Loving More

Loving More

If “Loving More” is one of your 2020 New Year’s resolutions, what better way to demonstrate your love for others than to give of your time? 

The Sisters of Notre Dame are excited to welcome you to work alongside them in one of a host of local ministries including:

Renee Jones Empowerment Center
Blessing House
House of Champions
Maggie’s Place
Parish Ministry
Youth and Young Adult Programs
and so much more

If giving of your time is not an option right now, perhaps you can participate by helping financially support these important ministries, impacting the lives of those in need. 

To learn more about SND ministries and ways to volunteer 
or to make a gift, click on the links below. Let’s show those in need we love them and care.

To learn more about the ministries above and volunteer: https://sndchardon.org/volunteer-and-outreach-ministries/

To donate: https://sndchardon.org/support-us/donate/

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