2020 Virtual BBQ Kicks Off With Chicken Jokes That Will Make You Cluck

Plans for the Sisters of Notre Dame Annual Chicken BBQ had to be revised in 2020. This year, the Chicken BBQ is a virtual event. There will be no in-person BBQ, but Apple Pies are available for purchase to be picked up in October.

As part of the virtual event, sisters told jokes, danced and participated in other skits that will be released every week, all with one centric theme: chicken BBQ.

The ministries of the Sisters of Notre Dame rely on the support from the annual Chicken BBQ. To donate to this year’s virtual BBQ, please click here.

The sisters kick off the virtual campaign with chicken jokes that will make you cluck!

(More info on this year’s virtual BBQ, how to donate, or additional virtual sisters’ content can be found here.