Sister Mary Laurette Kramer, SND; December 16, 1930 – October 14, 2020

Sister Mary Laurette Kramer, SND; December 16, 1930 – October 14, 2020

Our dear Sister Mary Laurette entered into eternal life very peacefully at 1:30 p.m., October 14. Sister reflected, “Mountains, water, silent Presence…these are my ways of getting in touch with God within, yet God all around. I discovered these in a special way during my thirty years in India. They were years of personal, spiritual and emotional growth. They helped me discover a depth, a breadth I never realized existed in me. But so did my Sisters in India, my friends, my experiences there.”  

May Sister Mary Laurette know peace and joy in the presence of our loving God.

The private Mass of Christian Burial for Sr. M. Laurette will be on Monday, October 26, 2020 beginning at 10:00 a.m. Burial of the cremains will follow. 

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  1. Ashutosh Malik - October 17, 2020

    Sister Laurette was, with her team, my school’s founder, and first Principal. The school, named Campus School, is located in the campus of the G B Pant University of Agri. & Tech, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, India. Sister Laurette trained the teachers, set processes & systems, and helped in establishing the school, leading to all round growth of the students into responsible citizens of India. As one of the students of the first few batches that entered the school in 1970s, I have fond memories of her. My mother, who joined the school in 1973 as a teacher, has wonderful memories of learning and growing professionally under Sister Laurette’s guidance.

    Sister Laurette moved onto another assignment in late 70s (from what I remember), and left Pantnagar. Fortuitously, around 2009 my sister was able to discover that Sister Laurette was staying in Chardon. My sister, who was living in Cleveland by then, was able to meet with Sister Laurette as a result, and also got our mother to meet with her mentor, after a long time. Later in 2011, on a visit to the US, I also met with Sister Laurette, and got my kids to meet with her as well. It was such a wonderful feeling to get to meet Sister after decades. We exchanged notes, remembered the old days, it was amazing! Sister’s passing has left a void in our lives that cannot be filled. We will always cherish and honour the memories, and remember her in our hearts. What we are today has a lot to do with what we learnt in our school, and how our teachers learnt and grew under Sister Laurette’s guidance. We will never forget her!

  2. Daphne Jones - October 17, 2020

    SISTER Laurette beautiful spirit lady .SISTER Laurette was my teacher very patient, caring understanding even after school closed down she would still check on me we had a close bond i loved her she will be missed

  3. Louise Mennefee - October 17, 2020

    Louise Mennefee sending condolence to family

  4. Mrs and Dr SPS Malik - October 18, 2020

    My kids studied in campus school Pantnagar, India, which was founded by sister Laurette in 1970. The fact that campus school survived, flourished and rose to fame is testimony to her brilliant stewardship. My wife learnt a lot under her guidance and has beautiful memories of that time.

    The beauty of her working style was her impartiality, honesty and fearlessnness in dealing with authorities in taking decisions in favour of campus school.

    Sister Laurette was very kind and easily approachable to everyone.

    We were lucky to have met her in US in the year 2010 and share old memories.

    News of her demise has stunned us. She will always remain in our thoughts. Our heartfelt condolences.

  5. Indu - October 19, 2020

    My condolences to the family. May the amazingly beautiful soul of our beloved sister Laurette rest in peace. I have very fond memories of her. I still remember going to her house with my school mates on Christmas, sing carols n have a piece of delicious cake they used to bake.
    I feel so proud to be a product of an institution started and run by sister Laurette. Whatever I am today is due to my strong foundation laid by campus school

  6. Nancy Strnad Clemens - October 21, 2020

    Reflecting on so many fun memories of Sister Laurette. As a family member we were permitted to call her Sister Pat, which was her baptismal name. The most vivid memories I have are her times in India. She would send home film of her life, ministry and pleas for TP! Sister had the spirit of a trail blazer and huge sense of humor with a twinkle of mischief. Sending warm condolences to the Sisters of Notre Dame. Thank you for your service. God bless you all. Be well, be loved.

  7. Sister Margaret Harig - October 22, 2020

    Sister Laurette is a member of my profession group. I still remember a sunny Saturday morning, Sept. 8, 1951, when she and I rode up on the elevator to the Novitiate at Ansel Road to begin our long and adventurous journey as Sisters of Notre Dame. We called her “brother of the red feather” because of her golden red hair and her many, many freckles.

  8. Sr.Mary Beena S.N.D - October 23, 2020

    Sr.Laurette will be remembered as a vibrant missionary in India who touched the lives of many of us who had the privilege of knowing and living with her. A Great Educationist, an able Administrator ,An efficient Teacher, and as a True mentor she paved the way to make Notre Dame Academy, Patna, a premier Institution not only in the state, but even in the country as well. She is loved and fondly remembered by thousands of students whose lives she altered for the better through her sacrifices. Her endearing smile and affectionate and motivating words are firmly etched in the memory of many. Truly a Noble soul, you are missed a lot dear sister Rest in peace Sister…

  9. Leo Cachat - October 24, 2020

    Sister was a pioneer looking for the good of others, especially her students and fellow works. I last met her in Chardon while giving a retreat to her sisters. Even in her mid 80s she was fun to be with and full of the glory of God. Enjoy the fullness of eternal life, Sister.

  10. Rosily Vengapally - October 25, 2020

    Rosily Vengapally

    Former Sister of Notre Dame from India. I will miss Sister Laurette, a good friend and mentor for the years I was in Notre Dame.She continued to stay in touch with me till the last few years. It was fun to join the Campus school in its second year. May you continue to bless all of us who were lucky to be part of your life in India and USA.
    With Loving memories Your Friend Always!

  11. Laurel Kramer - October 25, 2020

    I am Sister Laurette’s niece, youngest of 5 from her brother, Jerome. I remember my mother collecting medicine samples from the pediatrician to send to Aunt Pat’s school. I remember the home movies Aunt Pat sent to us of the community building the school.buildings, maybe Patnager but also Patna, to show my father what his fund raising had built. It was so fascinating watching the buckets of mud and straw carried up rickety ladders and dumped into the molds for walls.
    Both my parents were consistent supporters of her work in India. I also recall at age 5 or 6 when Aunt Pat visited Cleveland in her full white and black habits. I was so curious what her head looked like under the full coverage of her veil so i asked her. She just laughed that infectious giggle and said her red hair.
    Of course i asked to see it and she never did show me. But at 21 I was lucky to spend 6 weeks in India with Aunt Pat, visiting her schools in Patna and Bangalore; meeting her friends among the sisters, and seeing a country so different from the US. By then their habits were less severe and her red hair, with some grey, was visible. I will never forget that trip nor the spiritual talks she and I had over those weeks. Aunt Pat and I shared the extra short and crooked 5th finger from the Kramer side of the family. My siblings have the crooked part but not the shorter version. I feel blessed to share that with my Aunt and know she not only blessed my life, but everyone she met. Including dogs. I think she is shining now in heaven with that wonderful smile on her face. Thank you all in Chardon who cared for and loved her to her passing. My love to all who loved Aunt Pat and carry forward her mission.

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