Frequently Asked Questions about the Sisters of Notre Dame (SND) from Chardon, Ohio

What is the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame?

Our charism, the gift of the Holy Spirit which was given to our spiritual mother, St. Julie Billiart, our foundress, Hilligonde Wolbring, and our co-foundress, Elisabeth Kuhling is “a deep experience of God’s goodness and provident care.” It is a gift that has been shared by all the members of our congregation throughout our history to the present day. Read more about our charism.

What ministries do Sisters of Notre Dame carry out?

Sisters of Notre Dame serve God and the Church in a wide variety of ministries based on the needs of the times, our charism and the gifts and talents of individual sisters. We minister in education, parish ministries, healthcare, social services, social justice, spiritual development, and web-based communications. We have artists, musicians and published writers among us as well. Click here to read an overview of our ministries. Learn more about our volunteer and outreach ministries.

What is unique about the educational ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame?

God’s distinctive call and care for each human person is at the heart of the educational ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame. This is expressed in our educational vision and principles.

What is the Notre Dame Education Center?

Notre Dame Education Center (NDEC) is the home and center of the Chardon province of the Sisters of Notre Dame. The name refers to both the entire Chardon campus and the main building on our property.

The Notre Dame Education Center campus covers 400 acres off Auburn Road in Chardon, Ohio. It includes: the main building, a pre-school, a high school campus, a renewal and retreat center, multiple residences for sisters, visitors, and women in formation, an apple orchard, and the province cemetery.

The main building, also called Notre Dame Education Center, serves as the Provincial Center with Administrative Offices. It includes Notre Dame Elementary School and our Health Care Center, a 47-bed skilled nursing facility as well as assisted living services for the sisters.

Approximately 170 sisters live at NDEC which employs approximately 90 lay staff. Many local community groups use our facilities for meetings and other events.

For directions and a map, click here.

How long does it take to become a Sister of Notre Dame?

The path to become a Sister of Notre Dame is unique to each woman who joins us. The time from when a candidate (someone discerning her call to the SNDs) becomes a postulant until she makes her first vows is normally three-five years. Read more about the formation process.

What does it mean to say that the Sisters of Notre Dame are an international congregation?

The Sisters of Notre Dame are located in many countries throughout the world and are united by a General Government located in Rome, our Constitutions, common spirit and Rule of Life. Read more about our international congregation.

What is Notre Dame Global Missions?

Our Notre Dame Global Missions is our province ministry to raise awareness about the good works of our missionaries in India, Africa and Nicaragua and to support them in as many ways as we can.

Who are Associates?

SND Associates are lay persons who promise to live out the charism, spirituality, and mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame in their own life circumstances. Read more.

Are Sisters of Notre Dame involved in Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation?

Sisters of Notre Dame throughout the world are committed to Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC).  The Chardon province has an active JPIC committee.  Sisters write a blog called Living Justly to raise awareness about these issues. Visit the JPIC section of this website to learn more.

What is the Prayer Line?

The Prayer Line is a ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame. Anyone may call or email a prayer request to the Sisters of Notre Dame Prayer Line and our sisters will remember them and their intentions in prayer. If you are in need of prayers, click here to fill out our prayer request form.

How do I make a donation to the Sisters of Notre Dame?

Many generous people support the Sisters of Notre Dame through their prayers, services and donations. Donations come in many forms: cash gifts, annuities, stocks, planned giving and wills. To learn more, visit the Ways to Give section of this website.

How can I find an SND from Chardon?

The easiest way to find a Sister of Notre Dame from the Chardon province is to fill out the Find a Sister of Notre Dame form. Someone will get back to you in a timely manner.

Can I follow the Sisters of Notre Dame on social media sites?

Yes, you can follow the SNDs from Chardon on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.