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Overview of Notre Dame Global Missions

Notre Dame Global Missions is a ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio.  It began in 1949 with a mission in Jamalpur, India, and has grown to include missions in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, East Africa.   Notre Dame missionaries are supported through prayer, service and financial assistance from friends, donors, and Sisters of Notre Dame.

People living in India and Africa face different challenges than those of us in the United States.  Here are some examples, based on 2011 census statistics:

Officially, 37% of India’s 1.34 billion people live below the poverty line, but estimates suggest the figure could be as high as 77%.

The average life span in Tanzania, Africa, is only 52 years of age, and the infant mortality rate is almost 7%. Almost 150,000 Tanzanian children die before their fifth birthday.

Notre Dame Global Missions works to address challenges such as these,  and to improve the lives of those living in extreme poverty.  Through the dedicated and loving ministry of our Sisters and collaborators in these areas, we give witness to God’s goodness and provident care.

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Notre Dame Global Missions Staff:

Sr. Marie Manning, SND
Coordinator, Notre Dame Global Missions

General Office Information:

Notre Dame Global Missions
13000 Auburn Road
Chardon, Ohio  44121

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