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United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Catholic Relief Services

The U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

The national office of Catholic Charities USA

The Catholic News Service

The Diocese of Cleveland

Cleveland Catholic Charities

The Catholic Conference of Ohio

The Catholic Conference of Ohio Rural Life


US House of Representatives Website

State of Ohio Website

Ways to contact the US Government

Integrity of Creation

Catholic Coalition on Climate Change

Death Penalty

The U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops: Death Penalty Page

Catholics Against Capital Punishment

Journey of Hope: From Violence to Healing

The Catholic Campaign to End the Use of the Death Penalty


US Campaign to Ban Landmines



Catholic Relief Services

Coalition to Stop the use of Child Soldiers

Save Darfur Coalition

Religious/Research Institutes/NGOs

USCCB & CRS Catholic Campaign Against Global Poverty

USCCB Debt Campaign Resources

Policy-related Organizations

World Bank

International Monetary Fund

United Nations Development Program

International Trade

USCCB – Trade Issues

Bread for the World

Millennium Development Goals

Catholic Campaign Against Global Poverty

UN Millennium Development Goals

Human Trafficking

USCCB – Human Trafficking

The Collaboration on Human Trafficking

Government Websites on Human Trafficking

Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking

UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

UNANIMA International

US Department of Health and Human Services


Justice for Immigrants

Interfaith Worker Justice


Catholic Social Teaching – 15 major themes of Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching – USCCB; Seven Key Themes

Dioceses and Catholic Conferences where Chardon SNDs Minister

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