Authors and Artists


Sr. Kathleen Glavich loves to write. Her more than 60 books testify to her skills as a catechist, her devotion to Jesus, and her desire to draw others closer to him. You can find a list of sister’s  books, more of her writings and available speaking topics on her blog, Catholic Faith Corner: Understanding, Teaching and Living the Faith. In addition, enjoy a special Easter story for children, read by Sr. Kathleen. Click here to view the story.

Popular author and speaker, Sr. Melannie Svoboda is well known for her ability to see grace in everyday happenings.  Her writings reflect the joy that comes in living for God alone. You can find a list of sister’s books and more of her writings on her blog Sunflower Seeds, Celebrating Everyday Spirituality.

Rosemarie DeChant1Sr. Rosemarie DeChant  is the author and narrator of The Shagette Series of 4 books and CDs for little children.  The stories are told in the first person by a stray dog that she took in and loved. In an uncanny way, the adventures of “Shagette” often mirror the events in children’s lives. Click here to learn more about the Shagette Series.


Sr. Maresa Lilley loves to capture the simple essence of life on canvas. She finds her gift with brush and oils soulful refreshment. Through her work you can take a fresh look at grace and charm in the ordinary. Click here to visit her blog, follow her on Pinterest or purchase artwork on Etsy.

Two things move Sr.Megan Dull deeply: kinship with this earth and a profound sense of Spirit permeating the whole of creation.  Her work in clay is less about the making of objects and more about a journey inward, a contemplative movement toward a wholeness that is inseparable from the natural world. See her work on her website.