Handcrafts Made with Love

Many Sisters of Notre Dame are talented painters, sculptors, and hand-crafters who love making art and crafts that bring enjoyment to others. For some sisters these projects are hobbies and for others they are a ministry.

Sister Mary Theresa Gebura

Sharing in this needlework interest and gift is Sister Mary Theresa Gebura. Immersed vibrantly colored material and thread, Sr. Theresa finds working with her hands and with the other sisters most rewarding. “I really enjoy that the sisters all work together and help each other out. We’re always thinking out of the box, and doing different things here,” she says. Sr. Theresa delights in continuously trying new and different projects including: creating complete outfits and bibs for infants and toddlers, fashioning hand and feet warmers, and her favorite pastime baking pies. A love of coloration is embedded in all of her work.

Sister Mary Nanette Herman

Sister Mary Nanette Herman is responsible for the cutting and shaping of fabrics that will be used for sisters’ current or future projects. From cutting dishtowels to making Christmas boutique items, Sr. Nanette shapes each piece to handcrafted perfection. Sr. Nanette finds she’s drawn to the seasonal variety of color and material. She also appreciates the hard work her fellow crafters contribute. “I really enjoy working with everyone in this department. It’s a real blessing to be with such talented people.” She finds soul refreshment and peace in her daily crafting and cutting of fabrics.

Sister Mary Janeta Stamper

Sister Mary Janeta Stamper is the Coordinator of Crafts for the Notre Dame Boutique held every year in conjunction with our Barbecue (last two Sundays in September). She can testify to skills of more than thirty of sisters who produce so many wonderful items. “The Craft Room allows sisters to do the creative works they want to do full-time, part-time, even evenings. We wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for our community coming together as one to share in this ministry. Every stitch is made with love.”

The Gallery at Notre Dame

In addition to the boutique, the handiwork of the sisters is on display in the Gallery at Notre Dame Education Center during the week on Sunday from 1:00-4:00 p.m. and on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:00-3:00 p.m. If you would like to attend a Christmas holiday craft show where the Sisters also display their work, contact Sr. Janeta at (440) 279-1185 for details.

Some Handcrafts Made by Sisters of Notre Dame